What’s On


Drive Out Our drive out will leave the V-Dub Island site on Saturday morning. You will travel in groups of vehicles each headed by an Island vehicle who knows the route. You’ll be guided right through the heart of the beautiful ‘back of the Wight’ before turning for a trip along what we think is the most stunning coastal road in the UK. This leads you to a special cliff-top parking area where you can take in the beach, or have a good look at our Run to the Surf competition which will be taking place when you get there!

We’re hoping for an even more popular drive out this year, so look out for the timing notices when you arrive on site, and details of the route can be collected from DAMAGE V-Dub Club in the Dub Arena.

Cooking in a Camper

The perfect competition for any wannabe chefs! As with previous years, entrants will be given a bag of ingredients and one hour to create a meal fit for a king, just using the stove in their VW camper!

Show & Shine

Show and Shine V-Dub Island 2017 will see the return of the fantastic Show and Shine competition, so get polishing! Categories this year will be: Top 10 Best in Show Visitors Choice The rules of the Show and Shine competition are simple: Places are limited and will be allocated purely on a first-come, first-served basis. The decision of the Competition Supervisor and Competition Judges is final. To enter, please apply on arrival to the site.

Run to the Surf

Run to the Surf V-Dub Island 2016 will see the return of the very popular Run to the Surf Competition, held against the backdrop of The Needles in Compton Bay, one of the Island’s most beautiful beaches. The V-Dub Island drive out leaves the event site and takes you on a trip through the picturesque countryside of the West Wight, before leading you to a designated parking field next to the beach where you will be able to get involved or just watch as the competition unfolds, before returning to the V-Dub Island site for a pint of our special local ale. To enter the Run to the Surf Competition, please complete the application form below and hit the Submit button.

+ so much more TBA