Frequestly asked questions

We think you’ll love V-Dub Island. Here’s why:

  • Our family-friendly, safe and relaxed environment.
  • We love all types of VW and music, and are open to anyone with a passion for the lifestyle.
  • You’ll see a huge range of VW’s and have a great chance to mix with people who you can share knowledge and experience with.
  • Our great range of entertainment will keep you partying, but still leaves you time to have a good night’s sleep.
  • Our locally-sourced foods and Isle of Wight beers.
  • You get to visit the beautiful Isle of Wight and spend some time soaking up the Island’s chilled-out pace of life.

V-Dub Island doesn’t like it if:

  • You don’t care about those around you.
  • You’re not into family entertainment but just want to party hard.
  • You like playing music or partying loudly when people and families are trying to sleep.

Behavior that detracts from the safe, friendly and relaxed V-Dub Island vibe is unacceptable and will not be tolerated at any time. Anyone disobeying instructions from event staff or disregarding the well-being and enjoyment of others may be removed from the event without warning.

What are the dates of V-Dub Island?

Carry On Camping is from Sunday 6th to Friday 11th August and Show Dates are Friday 11th – Sunday 13th August 2017.

Do I have to own a VW to attend?

No! V-Dub Island is a Volkswagen enthusiasts’ family-orientated festival, meaning it’s for people who love the brand or the lifestyle associated with it. We certainly won’t turn you away if you turn up without a VW, and everybody’s welcome.

Am I allowed to bring alcohol into V-Dub Island?

Yes, but only into the camping area, and only in cans, plastic bottles or cartons (e.g. wine boxes). There is strictly NO GLASS anywhere on site. For licensing reasons you will definitely NOT be allowed to bring your own alcohol into the event arena, although we are working with local breweries and suppliers to make sure our bars are reasonably priced.

What are the opening times?

On show days the site will open at 11am.

For the Carry on Camping package, the campsite will open by 12:00hrs on Sunday 16th August and 9:00hrs on following days, the campsite entrance and Bar will be shut by 11pm. The V-Dub Island site will open for weekend camping ticket holders on Friday 11th August at midday. All Campers must vacate the site by 17:00hrs on Monday 14th August.

Where is V-Dub Island held?

South Fairlee Farm, Newport, Isle of Wight, PO30 2JU

Can I bring my dog?

Yes, dogs are welcome at V-Dub Island provided they are well behaved, and not dangerous. All dogs must be housed within your camping unit and be kept under control at all times. Dogs must be kept on a lead, and any mess made by your pet must be cleaned up by you without exception. Why not enter your dog in our Best Dressed Pet Competition?

Can I camp with my friends?

The only way to guarantee that you will be able to camp with your friends is to arrive together. If you are in a VW club then get them to book as a club in Club Camping, therefore guaranteeing you are in the same area. Club Camping plots MUST be pre-booked.

When can I buy tickets and how much do they cost?

All ticket types are on sale now via Ticket Line for an Adult it costs £42.50 for the whole weekend including camping. Tickets will be on sale on the gate priced at £45 weekend & camping provided they have not sold out. Each disabled ticket purchase includes free entry for their carer. Carry on Camping is also available on the gate for £25. Day tickets at £12 per adult will be available to purchase Friday, Saturday and Sunday available on the gate subject to availability from 11am til 6pm. Local ticket sellers are: Isle of Wight County Press Shop, Newport; Waterstones, Newport; Jo Jo’s Salon, Freshwater. We recommend you buy your tickets in advance to avoid disappointment!

Are fireworks permitted at V-Dub Island?

No! Fireworks are prohibited. Please check our full terms and conditions for other disallowed items.

Do I need to bring my own food and drink to the show?

You don’t need to as there will be plenty of scrumptious options on site in the V-Dub Island food outlets and bar.

Can I use a barbecue?

Yes, provided no hot part of the barbecue touches the ground (not fire-pit style) and it does not inconvenience other campers. Never take a lit barbecue inside a camper van, tent, or similar as this is a fire risk, and a lit barbecue may give off carbon-monoxide which can be fatal if inhaled. We also have a BBQ area on site you can use!

How do I enter the onsite competitions?

Forms will become available on the Line-up page as competitions are opened. Instructions on how to enter will be included as the competitions go live.

How do I get in touch?

You can contact the organisers with various queries through our Contact page. Email us at

How do I get an electrical hook-up?

Please see our Tickets page to pre-book an electrical hook-up. Remaining places will be available on arrival, however please bear in mind that these will be allocated on a first-come-first-served basis.

How can my band play at V-Dub Island?

Contact us at We welcome anyone to submit their details and we look forward to looking through the applications. We receive many unsolicited submissions from bands and other acts who want to play or perform on our stage, and whilst we take the time to look at all of them, we are unable to reply individually or give specific feedback!

When will my tickets arrive?

Ticketline will send out tickets in batches and Red Funnel issues an eTicket as you purchase. If you have not received your tickets and are concerned you should contact your ticket vendor for more information.

Are there shower facilities on site?

Yes, there are hot showers provided.

Can we get our vehicles on and off the ferries safely?

Both Red Funnel and Wightlink are used to dealing with all kinds of vehicles, and are well equipped to deal with non-standard vehicle types. If your vehicle is particularly low-slung or you have any additional questions or concerns you should contact your chosen ferry operator directly.

Is it really just £42.50 for the whole weekend?

Yes! Our weekend tickets include all entertainment and camping, the site is open for campers between midday on Friday 11th August until 5pm on Monday 14th August. Carry on Camping from 6th – 11th August 2017 for just £25 for the whole week!